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Allowing pets in rentals is often seen as risky, leading landlords to refuse pets. However, the truth is that humans cause more damage than pets. With changing laws in Australia promoting open communication about renting with pets, now is the time to consider welcoming furry friends.

Here’s why you should rent to pet owners:

  1. Expand tenant pool: Demand for pet-friendly properties is high, with 6.9 million households owning pets and many others desiring them. By accommodating pets, you tap into an untapped market.
  2. Rent properties faster: Opening your doors to pet owners increases tenant options, helping you find suitable tenants quickly and reduce vacancies.
  3. Secure longer leases: Pet owners are willing to pay more and commit to longer leases due to the scarcity of pet-friendly rentals.
  4. Increase rental income: Being open to tenants with pets can lead to higher rental income, especially if your property is pet-friendly.
  5. Foster happier tenants and homes: Pets improve mental and physical health, reducing stress and providing companionship.
  6. Encourage open communication: Allowing pets ensures transparency, preventing tenants from hiding unauthorized pets.
  7. Pet damage coverage: Landlord insurance policies like RentCover Ultra and Platinum protect against pet damage, giving landlords peace of mind.

Consider the benefits of renting to pet owners and embrace this growing market.


The following article serves solely for informational purposes; readers are strongly advised to conduct their own research and seek professional guidance before making any real estate-related decisions, as the content may not be exhaustive or applicable to all jurisdictions, and neither the author nor any affiliated parties can be held liable for any consequences arising from its use.

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