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There’s no point to preparing to sell your property with lockdowns in place–right?


Many sellers, while keen to get moving, are waiting for the end of these seemingly endless lockdowns before taking steps to begin the sale process. Trapped by circumstance, property owners are becoming frustrated with being unable to capitalise on what is clearly a BOOMING market. However, there is a way to get the jump on the thousands of property sellers that will flood the market when lockdowns do finally end:


Quite simply, list your property for sale now but delay its marketing launch. Smart sellers understand there are advantages to be gained as an early mover, including

-Having the contract of sale prepared and ready to go

-Extra time to prepare the property

-Organising quality marketing, ensuring no delays when launch time comes

-Conduct a building and pest inspection

-If needed, begin a conversation with your tenants. A good agent will also use this extra time to discuss your property in an off-market capacity, with qualified buyers who they are already working with. When restrictions do ease and the market takes off, you will be perfectly positioned to beat the rush. An immediate launch will capitalise on pent up lock-down demand, maximizing your chance of a great result.

LIST NOW and LAUNCH LATER is a great Smart Sale adaption for these current times.

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