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Sometimes a private sale is the best option.

When selling your home, there are many reasons you may want to keep your sale private. Whether you’re a high profile property owner, or you’d prefer not to have your neighbours knowing you’re on the market, there are ways to keep your home sale relatively private.

Some agents will tell you that in order to get a good price for your home, you need to be as public as possible with your marketing. The truth is that you don’t need to find just any person looking for a property, but the right buyer for your home. This is best done with a targeted and thoughtful campaign.

Planning your campaign

To have a successful and private campaign requires some upfront planning. Understanding how to maximise exposure to the right buyers, without compromising on your privacy, varies from sale to sale but there are some common ways that all sellers can get the best of both worlds.

Firstly, you should decide upfront what information you want to include on your listing. You may choose not to provide the address of your property in online listings, or the price you are after, requiring house hunters to enquire with the agent to obtain these details.

We also usually advise that homeowners looking for privacy with their sale avoid taking their home to auction. Auction campaigns by their nature are highly public spectacles, whether they are held out the front of your home or in rooms, and regularly attract bystanders, neighbours and other spectators who have no intention to bid. When it’s out the front of your home, media are legally allowed to attend and anyone is able to photograph and film what is happening. Auction Day also typically involves allowing anyone to come through your home beforehand, and to look at the contract. For those wanting to keep their sale private, this should be the last resort.

Open homes

Another area where you are often exposed is at an open home. Typically, real estate agents will stage an open on a weekend for a set period of time and allow anyone to come and see the property. They’ll usually take down the names and contact details of attendees, but will advertise the open home publicly online.

For those wanting a more private sale, this isn’t the best approach. Instead, we can organise an open home by appointment with handpicked and pre-qualified buyers. This means we can ensure only several people come to view your home at a time and you have control over who will be allowed in and whether they’re actually interested in purchasing the property. Information about when the open home is being held is only known by those who are attending and the real estate agent, rather than being posted on the internet.


In addition to deciding what information you’re happy to include in your advertising, you should also decide what public advertising your property needs more generally.

Some vendors will want to tap into our database of pre-qualified buyers before attempting to sell more publicly. This allows you to avoid advertising costs and avoid the exposure of online marketing while still having your home noticed by those we know are looking to buy locally. These off-market sales often result in good prices from buyers who are very familiar with the local area.

Another point of consideration is the debate about signboards. Most sellers wanting to maintain their privacy will want to avoid a signboard, which mainly alerts your neighbours and passersby that your home is up for sale. We support home sellers who decide not to use a signboard, as there are many other ways to get your property noticed.

Make sure you discuss your desire for privacy with us when we’re appraising your home so we can talk you through all of the available options.