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Flexi/Part time Career

Are you thinking about a career change to become a great real estate sales agent? Do you love dealing with people? Are you enjoying learning & improving? Or you want to get paid more because you are more productive than others? But you cannot give 100% commitment yet as you are currently employed and do not want to risk your current work/family commitment?

Haim real estate offers you a very rare part-time career opportunity. You can start an entry-level position. You can choose the day & time that suits your situation (3-4 days a week, 4-5 hours a day). We offer you secure hourly pay. We provide you full training & support. We develop you into a great full-time agent.

A secure income: You will start with an entry-level position $30-33/hour plus bonus, then develop into a full career.

High earning potential

We provide a secure base salary, with performance bonuses. If you succeed, your total income (salary + bonuses) should be at least $200,000 per year. At Haim, we want our team working together, not competing with our other agents for every commission.

Make a difference

There is a sense of achievement that comes from helping people achieve their family goals & financial freedom. Meantime, you can achieve your success & freedom. The future business partner position is available to you also.

You will be guided by mentors

The leader and senior agents will hold your hand. One-on-one support will be provided all the time.


A career with values

The best salespeople are people of integrity, who would never lie or even distort the truth in order to make a sale. If you have a keen sense of ethics and honesty, those values will serve you well in real estate.


A trusted advisor

Professional salespeople are highly regarded as trusted community leaders and advisors – recognised by their peers and neighbours for their impeccable integrity, reliability and sense of service.


Training and education

Our agency uses a Comprehensive Training System. This is a complete training process for creating profitable, prosperous salespeople. It is not available to every agent in every area and is a key part of our success. For a new agent, training period is about 3 months

We’re Looking for:

  • A mature and positive attitude, with real life experience
  • Excellent relationship-building skills
  • A genuine interest in people and customer service
  • A competitive nature and a passion for success
  • Excellent communication and language skills
  • High intelligence, empathy and a life-long love of learning
  • Live locally (within 25 mins drive)
  • A love of learning & improvement

Does this sound like you?