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Full-time Career


Haim Real Estate is growing, and we’re looking for the right people to join our friendly, hard-working team. A career with us is capable of making you one of the region’s top income earners.

Some offer very little training and support, while others value their salespeople and want them to succeed. At Haim Real Estate, we want you to enjoy a long and successful career. To help you achieve that, we offer you some compelling benefits:

A secure income & High earning potential

You will start with an entry-level position. We have 3 annual salary packages for you to choose: $55,000/$67,300/$93,000  + Training benefit + a great commission structure. If you succeed, your total income (salary + bonuses) should be at least $200,000 per year. At Haim, we want our team working together, not competing with our other agents for every commission.

Make a difference & Recognition

There is a sense of achievement that comes from helping people achieve their family goals & financial freedom. Meantime, you can achieve your success & freedom.

Your results may make you eligible for recognition at the Australasian Real Estate Awards, which honours some of the highest achievers in the real estate industry.


After the training & trial period. No more signing on and off – working to somebody else’s timetable for somebody else’s goals. A sales career with us offers you freedom. Apart from attending compulsory sales, planning and training meetings, YOU decide how to use your time. Manage your time effectively and you will have plenty of time with your family, you will earn a high income, and you will secure your family’s long term prosperity.

A career with values

The best salespeople are people of integrity, who would never lie or even distort the truth in order to make a sale. If you have a keen sense of ethics and honesty, those values will serve you well in real estate.

A trusted advisor

Professional salespeople are highly regarded as trusted community leaders and advisors – recognised by their peers and neighbours for their impeccable integrity, reliability and sense of service.

Training and education

Our agency uses a Great Training System. This is a complete training process for creating profitable, prosperous salespeople. It is not available to every agent in every area and is a key part of our success.

We’re Looking for:

  • A mature and positive attitude, with real life experience
  • Excellent relationship-building skills
  • A genuine interest in people and customer service
  • A competitive nature and a passion for success
  • Excellent communication and language skills
  • High intelligence, empathy and a life-long love of learning
  • Live locally (within 25 mins drive)
  • A love of learning & improvement

Does this sound like you?